Loving Care When You're Not There     






                               Loving Care When You're Not There     




Pet Fun Facts

Experts say that pets are most comfortable and less stressed when they are in their own home within a familiar environment and familiar smells while their owners are away


Cats cannot see directly below their nose

Cats cannot taste anything sweet

Cats are sometimes used to predict earthquakes by scientist

Cats are the most popular pet in the U.S.A

Cats can smell with their noses and also with a small area on the top of their mouth called "the Jacobson organ"

Cats were first brought to North America by explorers, they were used on ships to kill rodents

New settlers brought cats here to stop rodents from containing their supply of grain which helped prevent people from starving in winter

Cats helped end the Black Plague by killing the rats that carried the fleas that cause it

Black cats are considered good luck in countries 

There are many advantages for having a lifelong pet sitter for your animals. The permanent sitter will develop a special bond with them and become aware of your pets individual sounds, actions, body launage, emotions, needs and wants and can cater to each one of them. 

A professional pet sitter's career is taking care of animals full time, it is their only job and they are totally committed to providing the highest quality service to pet parents and their animals!