Loving Care When You're Not There     






                               Loving Care When You're Not There     





The following services are provided to you and your pet's to make your time away more enjoyable and stress-free


  1. Pet Proofing their area for safety.
  2. Calming Pet Music & Wildlife Videos.
  3. Litter box cleaning & poop pick up.
  4. Reading to them in a soothing voice
  5. Feeding, Fresh Water, Treats and brushing.
  6. Nail trims when the pet is agreeable to them.
  7. A lot of positive Attention, Affection & Praising.
  8. Daily Updates-Texts-Emails-Pictures sent to you.
  9. Monitoring their health, eating, drinking, potty and activities.
  10. Longer than the average pet sitting visits (customized length of time for your pets).
  11. Overnight Pet Plans for you to select for your pet(s).
  12. Petting, Playing & Cuddling and special "Tellington Touch" Pet Massages


  • Pilling (free)
  • Insulin ($5.00)
  • Nail Trim ($5.00)
  • Injections ($5.00)
  • Subcutaneous fluids ($5.00).                                                                                                      


These services are free and done  for your convenience if you desire. They also give the appearance that someone is in your home to ensure the safety of it. Double checking all locks is always done on each visit

  • Water Plants
  • Bring in mail
  • Take out the trash
  • Turn lights off and on
  • Open and close curtains
  • Turn TV & radio off and on
  • Other requested services if possible